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Convention of States Project

Results of a calling for a convention of states = Bill of Rights (1789) 
Results of not calling for a convention of states = Civil War (1861)  

The Founders unanimously provided Article V option for the states to balance the 
federal government’s overreach. More than 400 such state applications have been 
filed over the years including the first couple that led to the bill of rights. 
As with all amendments to the constitution 38 states (both houses) are required 
for ratification. This is an enormously protective requirement that has only been 
reached 27 or so times. The COS Project application has already been passed by 8 
states and 20 or more state houses. This application is limited to 3 areas: 
(a) Impose fiscal restraints on the Federal Government. 
(b) Limit the power and jurisdiction of the Federal Government. 
(c) Limit the terms of office for federal officials and members of Congress. 

Please sign E-Petition. Takes less than 20 seconds. This will encourage your local 
state rep to become more involved in States' rights.

I signed up to volunteer for Convention of States. Join me!!